About Us

Our Office, located directly to your left as you enter from Detroit Road, is a good place to begin your visit. Our friendly staff will assist you with detailed maps, sale of cemetery space and any questions that arise. Built in 1957, the office has a fireproof records room which houses our historical documents. As of 2011, all records have been upgraded to our computerized system.

Our Staff:
Sandy Sill, Manager
Peggy Stenzel, Assistant Manager
Tara Shirley, MA, MSW, LISW, Family Service Counselor

Our Crew:
Dan Dugan, Ground Superintendent
Scott Culp, Ground Crew
Hal Dunson, Ground Crew
Nick Gardner, Ground Crew
Michael Larson, Ground Crew
Randy Rhodes, Ground Crew

Board of Trustees:
David C. Harris, President
Kenneth Burney, Vice President
Gregory W. Helms, Secretary-Treasurer
Edward J. Delzani, Trustee
John C. Hoffman, Trustee
Scott W. Kermode, Trustee

Legal Counsel:
Jeffrey C. Endress, Attorney.