Burial Options

We offer several different options for burial including crypts, niches and ground space depending on the specific needs of each family. In accordance with the By-Laws of the Association, a percentage from the sale of burial space is deposited into our permanent endowment fund to provide perpetual care.

Burial Options

Garden Mausoleum

In 1998, we expanded with the addition of our Garden Mausoleum for above ground burials. The Garden Mausoleum incorporates both crypts (caskets or urns) and niches (urns only), including single, double depth, and companion options. This outdoor mausoleum has a modern style of architecture with its two-toned granite exterior.

Floral Circle Niches

Floral Circle

Additionally in 1998, we added the Floral Circle niches. The Floral Circle is designed with curving, two-toned granite tiered walls that hold cremains only. Single, pair and quad niches are available.

LA Mausoleum

Lakewood Abbey Mausoleum

Built in 1921, the main focal point of the cemetery remains the Lakewood Abbey Mausoleum, whose stately architecture blends seamlessly with the panoramic view of our grounds. Inside the mausoleum is our chapel that comfortably seats 35-40 people and is available to rent for private services. The mausoleum, which is handicap accessible, features marble crypts, niches and stunning stained glass windows. Adjacent to the chapel is a quaint sitting room beautifully appointed with bronze and glass niches.

Ground Space

Ground Space

There are several grave spaces available in our cemetery. In a single grave, we allow one traditional burial and one cremation burial or two cremation burials. We do not allow two traditional burials in a single grave.