Flower Decoration


Fresh cut flowers are permitted yearlong in the approved cemetery vases. Wilted or unsightly flowers will be removed. No plantings or decorative border of any kind is allowed around the marker or anywhere on the grave.
No flowers, plants, ornamentation or other matter shall be attached to the face of any niche or crypt.
Artificial flowers, potted plants and decorations are not permitted March 1st through November 15th with the exception of potted plants at Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and Veteran’s
Day commencing one week prior and ending one week after.
From November 15th until March 1st, holiday decorations are permitted but limited to one decoration per grave. No decoration shall be taller than 36 inches or it will be removed. Your item should be tagged with the name of the deceased, section, lot and grave number. All decorations must be securely anchored in the ground.
Winter burials may cause removal of decoration to access a grave. If possible, properly tagged decorations will be returned to the original location. If replacement is not possible, they will be stored at the service building until March 15.
The Superintendent of Lakewood Park Cemetery is charged with the removal of all decorations that do not conform to cemetery regulations or pose a threat of injury to visitors or cemetery employees.